US Advisers Arrive In Iraq As Militants Attack Major Iraqi Air Base

ISIS Militants have attacked a major Iraqi air base on the same day military experts from the United States arrive in the country to try to plan how to best combat the threat from the ISIS insurgency.

ISIS militants have attacked one of Iraq’s largest air bases today, as well as a number of small oilfields. The Ajeel oil site, a small oil site that produces around 28’000 barrels of oil a day according to an engineer from the site, was seized by ISIS militants while the larger Baiji oil field, which had previously been taken by ISIS, is a front line for fighting as government troops battle to defend the site.

Meanwhile a large Iraqi air base, known as ‘Camp Anaconda’ during American occupation, was hit by mortar fire and reports have claimed that the site is surrounded on at least three sides by ISIS soldiers. The base, also known as Joint Base Balad and the al-Bakr Airbase, was one of America’s largest military bases in Iraq during the Iraq War and is located just 90km from Baghdad.

As well as these attacks the United States’ 300 military advisers arrived in Iraq to work alongside the Iraqi Security Forces to protect the citizens of the country and key strategic locations, such as oilfield, military bases and settlements.

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