Violent Clashes Continue To Result In The Death Of Dozens In South Afghanistan

Fierce fighting between Taliban and Afghan Security Forces have resulted in the deaths of dozens in the southern Afghanistan province of Helmand. This is the beginning of what the Islamic extremist group is referring to as its ‘summer offensive’.

Taliban fighters began attacking police checkpoints in the Helmand’s Sangin district on Sunday. In response the government were forced to send reinforcements to bolster local security forces. These attacks have caused dozens of deaths in the region as the increasingly volatile area is seeped in fighting between the Taliban and Afghan Security Forces as the terror group launched their new offensive.

The increased attacks, being called the ‘Summer Offensive’ by the Taliban leaders, are taking advantage of warmer conditions to step up their attacks while president Hamid Karzai’s troops attempt to convince the Western world that they are capable enough to defend their country against this threat as Western support begins to withdraw their troops.

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