Militants Seize Control of Iraqi Town Home To Four Natural Gas Fields

ISIS militants in Iraq have seized control of an Iraqi town home to four natural gas fields, located just an hour outside of Baghdad. Reports have stated that the Sunni insurgents took control of the town with ease, once again causing the international community to doubt the ability of the Iraqi Security Forces.

The town of Mansouriyat al-Jabal, located an hour away from Iraqi capital Baghdad, was seized by ISIS militants. The town notably contains four natural gas fields that are important to the Iraqi economy. This town now joins the likes of Baiji and Ajeel, two oil sites, that have fallen into the control of ISIS militants.

In response to the ease at which the insurgents managed to conquer the city, the international community has taken a step back to further evaluate the situation arising in the Middle East. They are now in doubt at the Iraqi Security Forces ability to control the growing problem as more economically-vital resources fall into the hands of the ISIS insurgency.

However, the Iraqi Army is claiming that the Baiji oil refinery, Iraq’s largest exporter of oil, has been recaptured but Sunni rebels deny this claim. The current situation surrounding the control of the site has been an area of controversy as some claim that the Iraqi government is focusing too heavily on regaining sites such as Baiji, allowing for other locations such as Mansouriyat al-Jabal to fall with almost no resistance.

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