Hurricane Arthur Smashes Into North Carolina Coast Before Heading Out To Sea

Hurricane Arthur pounded North Carolina’s coastline on early Friday before weakening and heading out to sea. Although no deaths or injuries were reported the hurricane certainly disrupted many Americans’ Independence Day holidays.

Hurricane Arthur is the first hurricane of the Atlantic season and struck land at around 11pm Thursday, near the southern end of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Flooding roads, rattling vacation homes and cutting off island communities from the mainland the Category 2 storm blew through the area before moving northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, where it reduced in strength to a minor Category 1 hurricane.

The storm may not have caused any casualties and only minor damage but it certainly caused some disruption to the Independence Day holidays of many American residents. However, optimistically, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said at a Raleigh news conference that “This has been a very good day. There have been no casualties or serious injuries reported”.

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