Gaza Death Toll Steadily Rising As Israel Intensifies The Country’s Aerial Offensive

The death toll in the Gaza Strip has continued to rise as Israel intensifies the aerial offensive it has been launching on supposed Islamic militant locations since Tuesday.

As more and more people in the Gaza Strip are killed and wounded, the count currently resting at 77 dead and at least 540 injured, the Israeli aerial campaign causing the rising death toll shows no signs of relenting but rather it is being intensified.

Supposedly targeting locations of members of Islamic militant group Hamas the air strikes have killed 77 people and injured over 500, of which almost all are reported to have been innocent civilians. The aerial offensive has also reportedly claimed the lives of children, eyewitnesses claiming to have seen smaller, infant-sized body bags being used in some areas affected.

The situation is just another worrying sign at the increasing deterioration of already strained relations between Israel and Palestine. The aerial assault on the Gaza Strip also comes after the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli hitchhikers killed in land claimed by Palestinians as well as the killing of a young man from Palestine, reportedly in an act of revenge.

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