Russian Metro Derailment Has Killed At Least 19 People

A Russian metro train has derailed in the capital city of Moscow. At least 19 people are believed to have been killed while the figure may rise as rescuers continue their efforts and critically injured survivors are treated in hospital.

At least three carriages on a Russian metro train in the capital city Moscow has derailed between two stations, killing at least 19 people. Reports and eyewitness statements describe passengers as being thrown to the sides of the train as it derailed, with rescuers responding quickly to move people out of the wreckage and to nearby trains.

The death toll of the accident, which officials have stated was the result of a technical fault as oppose to terrorism as many speculated, currently stands at 19 people but that figure is expected to rise as rescuers continue to work among the wreckage and some critically injured survivors of the crash are treated at nearby hospitals.

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