Taiwanese Plane Crash Kills 47 People, Taking Off Minutes After Typhoon Matmo Warning Was Lifted

More than 40 people are feared to have died following the crash of a Taiwanese TransAsia Airways plane headed for Magong Airport in the Taiwanese Penghu Islands. The crash occurred just hours after Typhoon Matmo battered the region, with many flights being cancelled and warnings posted.

A TransAsia Airways plane has crashed after an aborted landing at the Magong Airport on Taiwan’s Penghu Islands. The crash is believed to have claimed the lives of 47 people and injured a further 11. According to reports the plane was carrying 58 people, 4 crew and 52 passengers, of which 2 were French citizens and the rest Taiwanese.

TransAsia Airways flight GE222 had taken off just minutes after Taiwanese aviation officials lifted a warning about Typhoon Matmo and the conditions was lifted. The plane is believed to have crashed on a second descent, abandoning its first landing attempt. Crashing into nearby buildings some of these structures caught fire but nobody was inside them and the blaze was quickly put out.

TransAsia Airways general manager Hsu Yi-Tsung tearfully apologise for the accident and stated that no efforts would be spared in the rescue operation. The flight was one of a very few that TransAsia Airways hadn’t cancelled that day, the cancellations believed to have been attributed to the bad weather.

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