Heavy Violence And Political Tensions Claims Lives In Afghanistan

Two Finnish aid workers have been shot dead while catching a taxi in the centre of Afghanistan’s third largest city Herat. In an unrelated incident just hours earlier six people were killed in a bomb blast in the northern region of the country.

Two Finnish aid workers were killed on Thursday while ridding in a local taxi in the centre of Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest city. The pair were reportedly killed when their attacker, riding pillion on a motorbike, drew up beside the taxi and fired on the women from short range. The pair were killed instantly when the bullet hit one of the women in the head and the other in several key body parts.

The attack on the aid workers comes just hours after an unrelated attack in a town in the northern Takhar province of Afghanistan. The homemade bomb was reportedly strapped to a motorbike and aimed at a police car, according to eyewitnesses. However, when the explosive device was detonated only civilians were around, the blast killing six and injuring a further 26 people. Of the injured a number are believed to have been children.

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