Israeli Shelling Of United Nations-Run School Kills 15

At least 15 people are dead and a further 200 injured after Israeli shells hit a United Nations-run school that was sheltering Gaza civilians, including children, during the ongoing conflict.

Israeli Forces fired artillery shells at a school in the Gaza Strip that was run and operated by the United Nations. The building, which had been acting as a bomb shelter for civilians caught up in the ongoing conflict in the region, was struck by shells on Thursday, killing 15 people and injuring over 200 that were inside.

This is the fourth incident during the current Israeli attack on Hamas that a UN building has been struck by the Israeli artillery. The dead have also brought the death totals of the current conflict to over 750 Palestinians, majority of which have been civilians, and 33 Israelis.

Earlier on Thursday UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos described the situation in Gaza as ‘dire’ and that a ceasefire was ‘vital’ to ending the conflict.

“We have over 118,000 people now who are sheltering in UN schools… people are running out of food. Water is also a serious concern,” she said.

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