21 Filipino Villagers Killed In Militant Roadside Attack

At least 21 Filipino villagers, who were travelling to celebrate the end of Ramadan with their families, were killed by Islamic militants from the terrorist organisation Abu Sayyaf.

At least 21 Filipino civilians, travelling to celebrate the end of Ramadan with family, were killed in a roadside attack by Islamic militants operating as part 0f the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organisation. Six of the dead were aged 2 to 15 and four of the wounded are children, including a 3-year-old boy.

The villagers, who were travelling in two vans in a village in Talipao town in the predominantly Muslim region of Sulu, were attacked by about 40 to 50 Abu Sayyaf militants armed with assault rifles who opened fire on the vans. The militants killed at least 21 people and injured a further 11 civilians, 4 of which were a part of a Talipao civilian security force known as Barangay Police Action Team. The group had been helping US-backed Filipino military units fight the jungle-based Islamic militants that have survived in the region for years.


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