Liberia Closes All Border Points To Combat Ebola Outbreak

In an effort to combat the Ebola outbreak in the region Liberia has closed almost all of its border points and is quarantining any affected communities. The disease’s recent outbreak has killed 660 people in the region and infected even more, including two American aid workers.

Liberia, one of the African countries affected by the Ebola outbreak, has made the decision to close almost all of its border points and quarantine any villages and communities where the disease has been reported. This comes as the disease, which has no cure or vaccine, has a death toll now over 660.

The disease, which can be transmitted through bodily fluids such as sweat, first broke out in rural Guinea in February 2014 and has been found in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. One case was also reported in Nigeria where a travelling Liberian died of it. The disease has killed over 660 out of an infected group of over 1200 people, with a mortality rate of around 56%.

There have also been reports that two American aid workers, who were working with the Ebola victims and in the hospitals, have been infected by the disease but both are reportedly showing positive signs. The Nigerian airline Arik Air, with whom the infected Liberian flew, have reportedly cancelled any flights to and from the affected countries and are investigating all other passengers on the flight.

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