Bus Toppled By Construction Digger In Jerusalem ‘Terror Attack’

At least two people are dead after a construction digger drove into the side of a bus at high speed in Jerusalem, in a suspected ‘terrorist attack’.

A Palestinian man, 25, from East Jerusalem intentionally drove a construction digger into the side of a bus at speed, toppling the vehicle. The bus accident killed at least two people, including a pedestrian, in what Israeli officials are treating as a ‘terrorist attack’.

Police reportedly shot the man driving the digger dead at the scene and his family has been taken into custody for interrogation. One of the dead was killed when the digger drove over him as it left the construction site.

Video displaying the digger’s mechanical arm breaking into the side of the bus and toppling it has surfaced online, circulating rapidly as tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to worsen.

In another incident in the city, which officials are currently unsure whether it is linked to the bus attack, an Israeli soldier was reportedly injured in a shooting at a bus stop near the Hebrew University campus.

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