Islamic State Seizes Iraqi Dam And Oilfield After Fighting With Kurds

The Islamic State, the name currently being used by ISIS’s caliphate, has seized control of another oilfield, Iraq’s largest dam and a number of towns and villages in Northern Iraq following fierce fighting between the militia and Kurdish forces.

The Islamic State, which is the name of the caliphate established by ISIS in Northern Iraq, has seized control of more land in Northern Iraq after fighting between their own troops and Kurdish forces yielded a victory for the ISIS militants.

The Mosul Dam, Iraq’s largest dam and a major electricity-generating facility, was seized by ISIS forces after an offensive that lasted barely 24 hours. Fears have been raised that the troops of the Islamic State now potentially hold the power to flood major Iraqi cities or withhold water from farms, raising its chances to topple the current government.

Fighting across the northern region of Iraq led to militants from the Islamic State also capturing a number of towns, most of which have been held by Iraqi Kurdish forces for many years now. An oilfield in the region was also captured as well as ISIS attempts to take the town of Rabia, near the Syrian border. Fighters from the Islamic State were also involved in a series of bloody clashes on the Lebanon border as more neighbouring countries are forced to respond to the militant threat.

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