Another ‘Insider Attack’ Hits Afghanistan, One Day After The Killing Of A US General

Just one day after an American General was killed and others injured at a military academy close to Kabul, Afghanistan, reports of a second ‘insider attack’ are emerging.

Just the day after American Army General Harold J. Greene, a two-star General, became the highest ranking United States soldier to die in a post-9/11 war, another ‘insider attack’ in the country was reported.

A police officer reportedly opened fire on his colleagues at a highway checkpoint after poisoning their food in the Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan. The officer then reportedly fled the scene in a patrol car. Conflicting reports surrounding the casualties have surfaced on Afghan news outlets with some reporting six policemen dead while others claim as many as a dozen were killed.

The attacks come as Western troops continue to withdraw from the region and could seriously delay the final retreat from the region, as it begins to fall back into disarray. The Western forces are training Afghan military troops to defend their country effectively themselves but that method could come under question and scrutiny following these attacks, perpetrated by the troops that the Western forces are training.

The Taliban also released statements praising the earlier attack at the military base, but the message they sent out contained numerous errors. They claimed the shooter had killed an Italian general and three American soldiers, when the only death besides the shooter was Gen. Greene. A German general was also seriously injured in the shooting.

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