Islamic State Seizes Largest Christian Town In Iraq

Militants from the Islamic State, or ISIS as they’re also known, have seized the town of Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest entirely Christian town and have driven out all residents.

The Iraqi city of Qaraqosh, the largest entirely Christian town in the Middle Eastern country, was seized by militants of ISIS, or the Islamic State, on Thursday. The militants reportedly drove all residents out of the town and it is now entirely controlled by Jihadi fighters.

Qaraqosh, which usually has 50’000 Christian residents, was attacked during the night after Kurdish forces withdrew from the area, their forces too stretched. The town is located between Mosul, the main hub for the Islamic State’s militant forces, and Arbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdish region.

Along with Qaraqosh, the nearby towns of Tal Kayf, Bartella and Karamlesh were also captured and their residents forced to evacuate as ISIS militants attacked.

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