Yemeni Soldiers Killed In Revenge Attack Following Al-Qaeda Crackdown

Yemeni officials have announced that fourteen soldiers were killed after being taken from a public bus while travelling home to the capital city Sana’a. The attack is feared to have been a revenge killing, in response to a recent crackdown on al-Qaeda operations in Yemen.

Fourteen soldiers, who were travelling home to Yemen’s capital city of Sana’a on a public bus, were ordered off and taken into a market in Seiyoun on Friday where they were killed. The Yemeni soldiers were believed to have been killed in an act of revenge in response to a recent crackdown on al-Qaeda operations in the country by the military.

Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab World, has raised fears in the international community recently over its stability, as the military wing of al-Qaeda active in the Arabian Peninsula is believed to be one of the most heavily active parts of the terrorist group. The US government has provided assistance to the Yemeni government and military in their ongoing attempts to weaken the terrorist threat in the country, which has primarily consisted of drone strikes on identified locations.

This increased pressure by the Yemeni government has led to a number of opportunistic attacks by militants on military convoys and outposts recently, as al-Qaeda continues to try and establish strong operations in the unstable country. A number of Yemeni efforts to quench the terrorist threat have been unsuccessful in current times but at least 25 militants have died in the past week in the volatile Wadi Hadramout region of Yemen, with nine suspected al-Qaida militants killed on Wednesday when they tried to ambush troops heading to eastern Yemen..

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