Brazilian Prison Riot Kill 4 Inmates In Cascavel

A riot by Brazilian inmates in a jail in the southern city of Cascavel has left four dead and several injured, with at least 700 prisoners reported to be involved in the uprising.

A Brazilian jail in Cascavel, in the southern Paraná state, saw prisoners riot in the early hours of Monday. Between 700 and 1000 inmates were involved in the uprising, which occurred as wardens were overpowered while attempting to deliver food. The prisoners set ransacked much of the prison and set fire to large majorities.

At least 4 inmates have been killed by their fellow rioters, with two being beheaded. Another two were pushed from a rooftop to their deaths. According to local reports two security guards from the prison have also been kept hostage, apparently using one of the severed heads to inflict psychological torture on one of the guards – according to a statement by the lawyer for the prison agents’ union Jairo Ferreira.

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