Boko Haram Surround Major Nigerian City

Militants from the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram have reportedly ‘surrounded’ the major northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, with reports purporting that the Nigerian Army has been forced to fortify ahead of an expected attack.

The major northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, which has a population exceeding 1 million people, has reportedly been ‘surrounded’ by Boko Haram militants. These militants have ‘annexed’ areas just 50km from Maiduguri and reports suggest that there are militants forces ready to assault all sides of the city should they receive the command to attack.

Maiduguri was the location in which, in 2002, Boko Haram was established. The group has declared last month its own caliphate, almost echoing the actions of the Islamic State in the Middle East, in the areas of northern Nigeria that it had currently captured. Reports from inside Maiduguri suggest that the armed forces in the city are ‘fortifying’, ahead of an expected attack.

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