Former Algerian al-Qaeda Members Join Islamic State

Former members of the North African wing of global terror group al-Qaeda have separated off, declaring allegiance to the self-declared Islamic State currently active in Syria and Iraq.

An Algerian terror group known as ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria’ split its ties from the North African wing of al-Qaeda on Sunday, to declare allegiance to the Islamic State that is currently fighting in Syria and Iraq. The group, which newly formed as a result of the declaration of allegiance, is comprised of ex-al-Qaeda-affiliated soldiers that have since sworn loyalty to the Middle Eastern caliphate.

Algerian Gouri Abdelmalek, better known by his nom de guerre Khaled Abu Suleimane, claimed leadership of the splinter group as their allegiance showed an increasing strength from the Islamic State. The action comes as more countries, including Australia and numerous Middle Eastern states, prepare further military action towards the terror group – which recently shocked the world once more by releasing a video purporting to show the beheading of a captured British aid worker, killed in response to British efforts to arm Kurdish forces fighting against the group.

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