Islamic State Release Video Of Another British Hostage

The Islamic State has released another video to the international community, this time displaying another British citizen they hold hostage.

Another video from the Islamic State has been released, purporting to show a British hostage whose life will depend on the actions of the international community in the coming weeks. Dressing in the orange jumpsuit that has become trademark of the hostages the Islamic state has held the journalist described his situation as being a prisoner, with his life hanging in the balance.

The man captured, British journalist John Cantlie, was captured in Syria in 2012 with previously beheaded US journalist James Foley. Stating that, although the previous videos had been aimed at the leaders of the US and UK, the video he was speaking in was addressed to the public, particularly Muslims. He stated that the Islamic State has been “misrepresented by the Western media” and that the truth about the Islamic State is to be revealed in “the coming programmes”.

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