Mexican Federal Legislator Killed In Jalisco

A Mexican federal legislator and his assistant have been killed and burned, following their daylight kidnapping in the western state of Jalisco on Thursday.

Gabriel Gomez Michel, 49, was a federal legislator and former pediatrician kidnapped in a broad daylight attack on his vehicle by several other SUVs in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Gomez Michel’s 4WD was found charred out in the edge of the neighbouring state of Zacatecas, containing the bodies of both himself and his assistant – as confirmed by prosecutor’s office based on the investigation by forensic experts.

Gomez Michel had not reportedly received any threats before his killing but his home state of Jalisco is home to notorious drug cartel, Jalisco New Generation. Security cameras in the area of the kidnapping caught the incident, with a clear image of a man in another vehicle pointing at the vehicle being driven by Gomez Michel.

Attacks of this kind on politicians and local officials in Mexico are not uncommon. Drug cartels, who are locked in a vicious drug war with the Mexican government, often attack and kill government officials and workers as an attempt to emphasise their control and power within the various Mexican states.

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