Iraqi Bombings Kill Dozens

Dozens have died in a number of individual bombings in Iraq over the course of the weekend. One blast killed a police chief in Iraq’s Anbar region while another series of blasts killed 22 Kurdish veterans northeast of Baghdad.

A number of bomb attacks over the weekend have killed dozens, with figures currently set at a minimum of 75 people. The attacks come as Iraqi forces and the Kurdish peshmerga have been pushed back by the Islamic State.

One of the blasts, a roadside bomb in Iraq’s Anbar province, killed a high-ranking police chief. Major General Ahmed Saddag was killed when the convoy he was travelling in was targeted by a bomb attack near the provincial capital of Ramadi. It was reported to Reuters, by a local security source, that the police chief was on patrol inspecting the security forces in the Al-Bu Risha area of Ramadi when the bomb attack, comprising of two roadside devices, exploded.

Another attack, at a government compound in Qara Tapah, northeast of Baghdad, killed 22 Kurds. The deceased were believed to have been veterans that were reportedly signing up to battle against the Islamic State. Reports state the attack occurred when three car bombs were detonated. The first happened when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vehicle at the entrance, to clear the path for the other two cars. Mayor of the town, Wahad Ahmed, suggested that the attack was aimed at his office in the compound.

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