Sierra Leone Peacekeepers Battalion Quarantined After One Tests Positive For Ebola

An 800-man strong battalion of soldiers from Sierra Leone, on their way to Somalia to serve as peacekeepers, has been quarantined after one of the men tested positive for Ebola.

A battalion of peacekeepers on route to Somalia has been quarantined after one of the men, a medic, has tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus. The battalion, comprised of 800 men, was on its way to assist peacekeeping efforts in Somalia – who have remained untouched by the current Ebola outbreak so far.

All 800 soldiers have been immediately put into quarantine, as the World Health Organisation warns of a potential of up to 10’000 cases of the virus per week over the next few months. Health officials have prevented the battalion from continuing to Somalia, where they were due to join the current UN-backed African Union peacekeeping effort against militant groups such as al-Shabaab in the region.

Concerns have been raised by the case, however, over the quality of the quarantine – with there being such a high number of soldiers needing to be kept separate from unaffected civilians, to help manage the outbreak.

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