Canadian Soldier Shot At War Memorial

A Canadian soldier has been shot at a war memorial in Ottawa, while a gunman was killed by soldiers and police while engaging in a gunfight inside Parliament.

An attack on soldiers at a war memorial in Ottawa, Canada has left one of the men shot in the chest. Reports from witnesses say a man armed with a long rifle was seen running through Parliament Hill, and officials have announced that a gunman was killed in Parliament by police and military personnel. However, it is believed there were other suspects involved who remain on the loose in Ottawa, with unverifiable reports of other shooting occurring in the city.

The attacks come just two days after two soldiers were injured in a hit and run, with one of the soldiers being killed, orchestrated by a radicalised citizen. Canada has also raised its threat level security warning from ‘low’ to ‘medium’ yesterday, following increased ‘general chatter’ online involving jihadist groups, including the Islamic State.

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