More Than 130 Inmates Free Following Nigerian Jailbreak

A jailbreak attempt from a prison in Kogi State, in central Nigeria, has resulted in more than 130 prisoners escaping.

Dynamite was used to allow over 130 prisoners, current estimates placing the total at 132, to escape the Koton Karfi prison in Lokoja, Kogi State, in central Nigeria. The prison is suspected to have held many Boko Haram fighters, part of the five-year insurgency that has killed thousands in Nigeria.

According to Jacob Edi, a spokesperson for the area governor’s office, “There were 145 prisoners at the time of the attack. One died, eight have been recaptured and four surrendered voluntarily. The rest are at large”.

In 2012, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for another jailbreak, similar to the raid on Koton Karfi, which freed a total of more than 100 inmates. The incident comes as Boko Haram continue their violent insurgency in the African nation.

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