Huge Blast In Colombia As Firework Factory Explodes

A fireworks factory in Colombia has exploded, captured on video by a local passerby, following a major fire in the complex and has reportedly injured at least two people.

At least two people have been injured after a fireworks factory exploded in the town of Granada, near the capital of Bogota. The explosion is reported to have occurred because of a large fire at the factory.

Firefighters were on the scene but the cache of fireworks sparked and exploded before their could contain the blaze.

One of the injured, according to local reports, was a driver that had been driving past the warehouse when the explosion occurred, injured by the detonated fireworks.

Dramatic footage of the incident has surfaced on the internet, a video of showing the exact moments that the blast occurred. The force of the explosion was so powerful that the cameraman was knocked off his feet, before being forced to run for cover as cindering debris falls to the ground.

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