Girl, 5, Dies In Florida After Father Throws Her Off Bridge

A 25-year-old father in Florida is facing a murder charge after an officer witnessed him tossing his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge in the state of Florida.

John Jonchuck, 25, is facing a murder charge in Florida after an officer of the St. Petersburg Police Department witnessed him throwing his 5-year-old daughter from a bridge. His daughter, Phoebe, fell a distance of 60ft to the water below, dying in hospital later.

The incident unfolded as a St Petersburg police officer pursued a vehicle that passed him at about 100mph just after midnight on Thursday. The driver of the Chrysler PT Cruiser stopped his vehicle by the Dick Misener Bridge, and the officer pulled up behind him.

The suspect got out of the car and said something inaudible to the officer before going to the passenger door and lifting out the girl in his arms. Pressing her head towards his chest, he threw her over the rail into the Tampa Bay water more than 60ft (18 metres) below.

While the officer climbed over the bridge to try to save the youngster, the suspect sped off in his car. Phoebe was pulled out of the water by rescue crews, who tried to resuscitate her. She later died in hospital.

Jonchuck was apprehended after police used spiked strips to disable his car, during another car chase.


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