Gunman Takes Hostages In Grocery Store In Paris

A gunman – feared to be the same individual who shot dead a policewoman in the capital yesterday – has taken at least five hostages at a ‘kosher’ grocery store in Paris.

At least five people have been taken hostage in a ‘kosher’ grocery store in Paris, France. The gunman is feared to have been the same gunman who shot dead a policewoman in the capital yesterday.

The gunman, linked to the Charlie Hebdo killers, is reportedly holding at least five hostage in the store in eastern Paris. Shots rang out close to the Porte de Vincennes, while the two brothers believed to be behind the attack on the satirical magazine were themselves stand off with police up north of the capital.

“There is a hostage situation – shots have been fired,” said a source from the Paris police. They confirmed that armed officers were attending the scene. They also told press, “It is thought that there may be casualties. Around five hostages have been reported”.

It means that two sieges by suspected Islamic terrorists are playing out at the same time, as fears grew that the terrorists would be looking to cause another bloodbath.

The gunman in Vincennes is believed to be the one responsible for shooting 27-year-old policewoman, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, dead in south Paris on Thursday, said police sources.

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