Revenge Attacks In France Following Paris Shootings

Several attacks, carried out in revenge for the shootings in Paris, have occurred across France, targeting the country’s Muslim population.

A series of revenge attacks have occurred, targeting the French Muslim community, in response to two unconnected shootings in Paris – the first at the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people, and the second the shooting and killing of a female police officer in Paris.

Muslims leaders and prominent clerics have released a statement condemning the actions of the gunmen involved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, saying that they had betrayed Islam and the Muslim community, as well as the French public.

Four leading French imams – Djelloul Seddiki, head of the great mosque of Paris; Tareq Oubrou, director of the Bordeaux mosque; Azzedine Gaci of the Villeurbanne mosque; and Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Union of Mosques in France – joined Pope Francis in condemning the cruelty of the attack.

In the French city of Le Mans, blank grenades were dropped and bullets fired at a mosque. Nobody was reported injured in the attack, and damage to property was low.

The southern town of Port-La-Nouvelle saw shots fired at a Muslim prayer hall. No casualties were reported from the scene, as police secured the surrounding area.

In the central town of Villefranche-Sur-Saone, a kebab shop near a mosque was blown up. There was significant damage to the property and surrounding area, but no major injuries were reported – very few people being in the vicinity at the time of the explosion. Police and forensic teams were on site, aiming to find the perpetrator of the revenge attack.

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