Jihadists Arrested In Ceuta, Spain

At least four suspected jihadists have been arrested following a raid in the Spanish enclave in Ceuta in northern Africa.

Four alleged jihadists have been arrested in Spain’s autonomous city enclave of Ceuta, in North Africa – according to the Spanish Ministry of Interior. The police launched the raid in the El Principe neighbourhood of Ceuta.

The four detainees, all of Moroccan origin but holding Spanish nationality, were arrested by the country’s National Police. Following searches carried out along with the arrests, police found combat gear and knives, he added.

Interior minister Jorge Fernández Díaz said: “These are two pairs of very radicalised brothers who are highly trained militarily, physically and mentally, and are prepared to carry out an attack, and ready, according to the police, to blow themselves up in the act.”

Spain is among a number of European countries struggling to deter young Muslim citizens from becoming jihadists in Syria or Iraq, fearing they might return to plot attacks on home soil.

Last September, Spanish police arrested nine people suspected of belonging to a militant cell linked to Islamic State in Melilla, another Spanish enclave on the northern coast of Africa.

Spain has recently stepped up security as well as efforts to prevent the radicalisation of young Muslim citizens, following attacks in Paris by radicalised gunmen.

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