Large Eruption At Mexico ‘Volcano Of Fire’

Mexico’s most active volcano, Volcán de Colima, has erupted largely, releasing a huge ash cloud and blanketing towns 15 miles away.

The large Volcán de Colima volcano in Colima state, Mexico has erupted heavily. The eruption was the largest in the past few months of activity within Mexico’s most active volcano, releasing a large plume of ash and blanketing towns as far away as 15 miles.

The mountain belched an ash column more than 2.5 miles above the summit, with volcanic matter rising to 29,000ft.

A webcam, which caught time-lapsed footage of the eruption, focused on the active volcano captured the eruption perfectly as ash shot up into the blue skies above.

The Colima volcano is located in the western Mexican Volcanic Belt and has had more than 30 periods of eruptions since 1585.

Volcán de Colima, or the ‘Volcano of Fire’ as it is commonly known, is one of Mexico’s most active volcanoes. The volcano has mini eruptions almost every day, with the site becoming a hotspot for geologists, volcanologists and scientists due to its almost constant seismic activity.

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