Clashes In Southern Yemen Kill Dozens

At least 26 people, believed to be a mix of Houthi rebels and Sunni tribesmen, have been killed in a series of clashes in southern Yemen.

At least 16 Houthi rebels and 10 Sunni tribesmen and militants were killed in the ongoing fighting in the Yemeni province of al-Bayda, according to security officials and tribal sources cited by Reuters. Meanwhile, more nations closed their embassies in the country.

The United Arab Emirates became the latest nation to close its embassy in Yemen, citing security concerns. Earlier in February, France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States announced that their embassies were suspending operations after the Houthis dissolved the parliament.

In January, Yemeni President Abd Mansour Hadi and the cabinet resigned after the Houthis captured the presidential palace and government buildings.

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