Mosque Torched In West Bank

Suspected Jewish vandals have torched a mosque during an attack in a village in the West Bank, with investigators discovering Hebrew graffiti at the site.

A mosque has been torched in the West Bank, with suspects leaving Hebrew graffiti at the site.

Jibreen al-Bakri, governor of the Bethlehem region, says the mosque in the village of Jabaa near Bethlehem was set alight at dawn on Wednesday, damaging the mosque’s walls and carpeted floor.

Israeli TV showed footage of Hebrew graffiti on the walls that read “we want the redemption of Zion” and “revenge” alongside a Jewish Star of David, the AP news agency reported.

The Israeli army said it was investigating.

Jewish vandals have targeted mosques, churches, Palestinian vehicles, dovish Israeli groups and even Israeli military bases in so called “price tag” attacks to protest Israeli government actions against settler activity.

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