Mali Restaurant Attack Suspect Killed During Arrest

A suspected, believed to have been involved in a fatal shooting at a restaurant in Mali, has been killed during an attempt to arrest the man, according to local authorities.

Malian authorities shot dead a man suspected of being involved in a restaurant attack in the capital Bamako last week that killed five people, an army captain and security sources said on Friday.

The suspect, who they said was in his early 20s, was spotted on a motorbike in the Magnambougou neighbourhood. He attempted to fire on authorities as they approached, the sources said.

“He did not want to turn himself in and sought to open fire on the agents,” Malian army Captain Modibo Naman Traore said, identifying the man as Mohamed Tamirou Cisse from the Gao region of northern Mali.

One of the security sources said there was a short gunfight before Cisse was shot dead.

A Sahara-based Islamist group claimed responsibility for the Bamako shooting in which a French citizen, a Belgian security officer and three Malians were killed in a restaurant popular with expatriates.

Mali’s desert north still suffers frequent militant attacks despite a French-led operation to drive out Islamist fighters in the wake of a Tuareg uprising in 2012. Until now, the southern capital has remained peaceful.

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