Bodies Of Five Babies Discovered In France House

The bodies of five young babies have been discovered by police officers in a house in southern France, authorities have said.

Police officers discovered the bodies of five dead babies in a house in southwestern France, Sky News reported, according to Sputnik.

Police reportedly found the body of a newborn in a thermal bag. Later, the bodies of more babies were discovered at a house in the town of Louchats, near the city of Bordeaux.

The four bodies, found after the body of the newborn, were allegedly discovered in a freezer.

Media reports suggested that the police arrived after receiving a call from a 40-year-old father.

The mother of the babies is said to undergo treatment in a hospital, while the father has been arrested. They have two daughters aged 13 and 15, according to media reports.

Autopsies into the deaths of all five babies is expected to take place on Friday in order to determine the cause of death.

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