Seven Tourists Killed By Falling Boulder In China

Seven tourists have been killed after being crushed by a large falling boulder in southern China, authorities have said.

A huge boulder falling from a mountain in has killed seven people and sent others plunging into a river.

The freak accident happened in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region when the group of tourists were disembarking from a sightseeing boat.

The boulder tumbled onto the pier hitting the tourists.

Four people were confirmed dead at the scene and three others died later in hospital.

“We arrived at the scene to find many broken stone pieces and scattered items,” said one of the rescuers.

“We searched along the broken stones and arrived at the pier.

“We found several people there and jumped into the river to rescue them.”

Nineteen people – eight of them Taiwanese tourists – are still being treated in hospital for slight injuries.

The mountainous region is known to have soluble rocks and is probe to landfalls, according to the Shanghai Daily. Visitors to the area where the boulder fell are routinely warned about the danger of rock falls.

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