Thailand Train Crash Injures Dozens

More than 50 people have been injured following a collision between two trains in central Thailand, authorities have said.

A serious collision between two trains in central Thailand has injured more than 50 people.

The collision, which occurred at 22:15 local time (15:15 GMT), in the central Ayutthaya province reportedly happened when a rapid train from Bangkok to Denchai slammed into the back of a stationary express train.

“Of the 52 injured, six people remain in hospital, two are in critical condition,” Thanongsak Kongprasert, a senior official at the State Railway of Thailand, told press.

Kongprasert added that six carriages had fallen off of the tracks in the crash, and two of the crash victims in critical condition in the nearby hospital were the driver and technician on board the Bangkok-Denchai train.

Local disaster planning official Udonsak Kawnuna told press that two foreign citizens, an American and a South Korean, were injured in the crash, and under observation at a nearby hospital.

Despite being one of Southeast Asia’s wealthier nations, Thailand has a decrepit and slow railway system that the military junta is keen to overhaul.

The country has just 250km of dual track railway, making travelling by train slow – and collisions are not uncommon in the country.

The government plans to build a series of new lines over the coming years, the first of which will be built with Chinese expertise.

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