Family Of Eight Killed By ‘Gas Fumes’ In Maryland

A father and his seven children have reportedly died after suffocating from gas fumes from a generator, after their electricity company cut power to their house.

A father and his seven children have been found dead in their home, after appearing to have suffocated from gas fumes released by an electricity generator.

Neighbours of Rodney Todd and his seven children, aged between six and 15, said the family had been using the generator after they were cut off by their electricity company.

The dad and seven siblings were all found dead inside the property.

An investigation has now been launched to find the exact cause of death.

The family have not been identified by police – but neighbours identified the dad as 36-year-old Rodney Todd and the children as boys Cameron, 13, and Zycheim, seven; and girls Tynijuiza, 15, Tykira, 12, Tybree, 10, Tyania, nine and Tybria, six.

The family were found dead at the home in Princess Anne, Maryland, US, yesterday after Mr Todd failed to show up for work at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Stephanie Wells, Mr Todd’s supervisor as a food service worker, raised the alarm after knocking on his door and receiving no answer.

She said she had last spoken to him on March 28. It is not known when the family died.

Police Chief Scott Keller said the generator was in the kitchen and had run out of gas when officers discovered the bodies in ‘sleeping positions’

When asked if the deaths were a result of carbon momoxide poisoning, he said: “We have some ideas (about what happened). I really don’t want to say until the medical examiner can confirm it.”

The children’s mother has been notified of the deaths.

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