Afghanistan Students Hospitalised After Meal

At least 100 Afghan schoolboys have been hospitalised for suspected poisoning following the consumption of a meal from a vendor outside their school.

Authorities in western Afghanistan are investigating whether 100 schoolboys who were hospitalized were poisoned, police said.

The boys, ages 10 to 14, fell sick after they ate beans from a vendor outside the school who told them the meal would help them pass their examinations in the western city of Herat, according to Abdul Jabar Rozi, Herat’s police chief.

The vendor was arrested later on Saturday and an investigation launched into whether the food was deliberately tainted, he said.

“Enemies might be behind this,” Rozi added.

Taliban insurgents have poisoned Afghan police and army soldiers as part of their fight to topple the U.S.-backed government, but periodic reports of poison attacks on schools have mostly turned out to be the result of accidental food poisoning or mass hysteria.

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