Nepal Earthquake: Google Executive Killed In Avalanche

A Google executive, 33, is among the 10 identified victims of the avalanche at Mount Everest, triggered by a magnitude-7.9 earthquake in Nepal.

One of the ten victims, which Nepal’s Tourism Ministry could confirm, of the Mount Everest avalanche has been identified as a 33-year-old Google Executive.

Dan Fredinburg suffered fatal head injuries while climbing Mount Everest with a team of 10 Americans.

An Indian army mountaineering team found 18 bodies on Mount Everest, but these figures are yet to be confirmed by Nepalese authorities.

The news of Fredinburg’s death was delivered by his ex-girlfriend, and former One Tree Hill actress, Sophia Bush – with whom Fredinburg ended a one-year relationship ship last year.last February. The actress paid tribute to Fredinburg, calling him ‘one of the great loves of my life’ who was ‘one of a kind’, via social media.

Fredinburg, a program manager and engineer, used to photograph the world’s high peaks for Google Maps. Most recently, he was head of privacy for the firm’s elusive invention factory Google X.

Fredinburg’s death was first confirmed by his younger sister Megan, who posted a picture of her brother climbing a mountain to his Instagram account with an explanatory caption.

She wrote: ‘This is Dan’s little sister Megan. I regret to inform all who loved him that during the avalanche on Everest early this morning our Dan suffered from a major head injury and didn’t make it. We appreciate all of the love that has been sent our way thus far and know his soul and his spirit will live on in so many of us. All our love and thanks to those who shared this life with our favorite hilarious strong willed man. He was and is everything to us. Thank you.’

It buried part of base camp, raising fears for the safety of hundreds of climbers who are in the area, said Gyanendra Shrestha from the Tourism Ministry in Kathmandu.

A number of Britons and Americans are among those who have not been heard from since the quake. The identities of those who died in the avalanche have not yet been released.

Elsewhere, the United States announced it will send disaster response and rescue teams to Nepal and has authorized an initial $1 million in aid after a major earthquake killed over 1,300 people in the mountainous Asian nation, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.

“We are working closely with the government of Nepal to provide assistance and support,” he said in a statement.

Fears were growing of a humanitarian disaster in the impoverished Himalayan nation of 28 million after the magnitude 7.9 quake. An overwhelmed government appealed for foreign help.

Neighboring India, also affected by tremors, was first to respond by sending in military aircraft with medical equipment and relief teams.

“To the people in Nepal and the region affected by this tragedy we send our heartfelt sympathies,” Kerry also said. “The United States stands with you during this difficult time.”

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