Nepal Earthquake: Toll Rises To 1,341 Dead

The death toll for a major Nepal earthquake has risen to 1,341 deaths, with 630 of the victims located within the Kathmandu Valley, a spokesperson for the Nepal police has said.

Nepal police officials have raised the death toll of a major, magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Nepal to 1,341 deaths. Of the victims, 630 are believed to have been in the Kathmandu Valley region.

The sharp rise in the death toll was one of several that have occurred since the quake struck, and it is not unexpected for the figures to rise again.

Many of the regions outside of the main cities are hard to access, with little information coming out from them, so casualty and damage figures are still unknown. There have also been reports of deaths in neighbouring regions of Bangladesh, India and China.

Rupa Joshi, a Unicef official in Nepal who experienced the quake, told press, “The shake was like nothing I have experienced in my 57 years. It was strong and it shook for a long time. Many old monuments, including famous temples and stupas have come down. Many people fear Kathmandu will have very a high death rate. Fortunately, today is Saturday so schools were off and the quake came in the daytime.”

Joshi added, “When I went out in the evening, I saw many people preparing to camp out in the main open parade ground in the middle of the street. Relatives were crying in the main government hospital where the dead were being lined up in front of the hospital building.”

Earlier, an Indian army mountaineering team found 18 bodies on Mount Everest, after a base camp was struck by an avalanche following the earthquake.

Nepal’s Tourism Ministry could only confirm 10 deaths, but spokesman Gyanendra Shrestha said that the death toll could rise, and that the avalanche had buried part of the base camp.

Several foreign citizens, including a number of British tourists, are feared missing or dead after being trapped by the earthquake and avalanche at Mount Everest.

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