Woman Stabs Mother To Death In Maine Supermarket

A mother of five has been stabbed to death, in a supermarket aisle, in the state of Maine.

Maine police were searching on Thursday for what motivated a woman to fatally stab a mother of five adult children who was shopping in the ice cream aisle of a grocery store in an apparently unprovoked attack, authorities said.

Wendy Boudreau, 59, of Saco, was shopping in a local Shaws store on Wednesday afternoon when Connor MacCalister, 31, approached and stabbed her with a knife, a state police spokesman said.

Two emergency medical technicians, who were also shopping at the store, rushed to treat Boudreau, who had begun to bleed profusely, according to police and media reports.

Boudreau died shortly after in a hospital in nearby Biddeford, police said.

Store employees and other shoppers were able to subdue MacCalister inside the store until police arrived, authorities said.

The two women did not appear to know each other, a police spokesman said, and investigators were working to identify a motive.

MacCalister has been charged with murder and is expected to make her first appearance in court on Friday.

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