Germany Train Collision Kills One

At least one person has been killed, following a collision between a train and a lorry, at a railway crossing, in Germany.

A passenger train collided with a heavy-duty lorry at a railway crossing in northern Bavaria late on Thursday killing at least one person and injuring several others, German media reported.

The train was carrying around 50 people when it rammed into a lorry near Freihung, northeast of Nuremberg late on Thursday evening, several news websites reported.

“It hurtled at 100 km per hour (62 miles per hour) without breaking into the truck,” a spokesman for the police was quoted as saying by Focus Online.

Both the train and the lorry caught fire following the crash, the spokesman said.

One of the passengers in the lorry was killed, while the other was seriously injured, reported. The train driver is still missing, the news website said.

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