Paris Shootings; Stade de France ‘Suicide Attacks’

French police union spokespeople are reporting that two explosions that occurred outside Paris’ Stade de France stadium were ‘suicide attacks’.

Two explosions reported outside the Stade de France football stadium in Paris, where an international football match between France and Germany was taking place, are reportedly believed to have been ‘suicide attacks’, according to the French police union.

Gregory Goupil of the Police Union Alliance has told the LCI News channel that the two explosions near the Stade de France were suicide attacks.

The explosions took place outside the stadium at gate D and H. Several people are believed to be dead, as a result of the attacks. The match will not be abandoned, and supporters have been asked to remain inside the stadium.

Other reports suggest that the explosions outside the Stade de France were grenades thrown at a nearby restaurant.

French police union now reporting 20 dead in several attacks across Paris.

LCI also reporting that hostages have been taken at the Bataclan concert venue near the Place de la Republique. It is believed that as many as 60 hostages have been taken.

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