Islamic State ‘Terror Squad’ In Thailand, Planning To Kill Russians

A 10-person Islamic State ‘terror squad’ have reportedly been sent to Thailand, on a mission to target and kill Russian tourists, Moscow has warned.

The Islamic State has reportedly dispatched a ten-person squad to Thailand, in order to kill Russian tourists in the country, Russian security services have warned.

Thailand’s police force has confirmed that they received intelligence, courtesy of Moscow’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s main successor to the KGB, about 10 terrorists from Syria who reportedly entered Thailand in October.

The warning of the suspected terrorists came to light after a leaked letter, marked as “secret” and “urgent”, and began circulating on Thai social media sites on Thursday.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for Russian citizens, especially during the peak Christmas and New Year periods.

The Thai provinces of Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok, where majority of the suspected militants travelled to, are also popular among British visitors, meaning that there is a high chance of any terrorist attack in the country also targeting British tourists.

In the document, Special Branch police have urged an intensification of security around the “target areas that Russian authorities are concerned about”, including venues associated with countries that have taken part in attacks on Islamic State forces, in Syria.

The FSB letter said that the 10 militants had entered Thailand, between October 15 and October 31.

“They (the Syrians) travelled separately. Four went to Pattaya, two to Phuket, two to Bangkok and the other two to (an) unknown location,” the letter said, citing FSB intelligence.

Russian forces have been conducting airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, making their citizens potentially targets of retaliation attacks by militants of the terrorist group.

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