Istanbul Blast: Germans Injured, Syrian Suicide Bomber

According to local reports, at least eight or nine of the people killed in an explosion in Istanbul, Turkey were German citizens, while the blast was reportedly carried out by a Syrian suicide bomber.

At least eight Germans were killed and nine seriously injured in a suicide bombing attack in Istanbul, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Tuesday, citing information he had received from Turkey.

“It has been years since we were hit by terror as hard as we have been hit now in Istanbul,” Steinmeier said.

Meanwhile, a senior Turkish government official was quoted saying that there was in fact nine German fatalities among the victims of the Istanbul blast.

Peru’s foreign ministry said a Peruvian man was killed and a Peruvian woman wounded in the suspected suicide bombing, while Norway’s foreign ministry was also quoted, stating that a Norwegian man was injured the explosion, and is currently receiving treatment in a Turkish hospital.

A Syrian suicide bomber is thought to have been responsible for an explosion in the central tourist district of Sultanahmet, in Istanbul, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said: “I condemn the terror incident in Istanbul assessed to be an attack by a suicide bomber with Syrian origin. Unfortunately we have 10 dead including foreigners and Turkish nationals… There are also 15 wounded”.

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