UAE Soldier Killed In Yemen Fighting

A soldier, reportedly from the United Arab Emirates, has been killed, and another wounded, while fighting in Yemen, as part of a Saudi-led military coalition.

A United Arab Emirates soldier was killed and another was wounded while fighting in Yemen as part of a Saudi-led military coalition, state news reported on Sunday, citing the army general command.

The coalition is fighting to stop the Houthis, allies of Riyadh’s main regional foe Iran, from taking complete control of Yemen after they seized the capital Sana’a and advanced south towards the port city of Aden.

More than 60 Saudi and Emirati troops were killed in September 2015 when a Tochka rocket hit the al-Safer air base near Marib in northeastern Yemen.

Around 6,000 people have been killed in the conflict, almost half of them civilians.

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