Woman Arrested For Child ‘Beheading’ In Moscow

A woman has been arrested by police in the Russian capital, Moscow, on suspicion of murdering a child, after she was reportedly found carrying a severed head.

Police in the Russian capital Moscow have arrested a woman on suspicion of murdering a child after she was found apparently carrying a severed head.

The woman, believed to be the victim’s nanny, is suspected of killing the child before setting fire to its parents’ apartment.

CCTV appeared to show the woman, dressed in a hijab, walking near a metro station with a head in her hands. A police officer then intercepted the woman and proceeded to wrestle her to the ground.

The suspect has been placed in psychiatric care to determine whether she is capable of understanding her actions, the Moscow Investigative Committee said in a statement.

A criminal investigation was launched after the discovery of the remains of a child aged three to four, whose body bore traces of a violent death, in a charred flat on Narodnoye Opolcheniye Street in northwestern Moscow, it added.

“According to preliminary information, the child’s nanny, a citizen of one of the Central Asian states born in 1977, waited for the parents and elder child to leave the flat and then, for reasons not established, murdered the infant, set fire to the flat and left the scene,” it added in the statement.

Interfax news agency, citing a law enforcement source, identified the woman as 38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, a native of ex-Soviet majority-Muslim Uzbekistan.

Police sources told Russian news agencies that the victim had been decapitated and the head removed from the scene by the nanny.

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