Tunisia Security Forces Kill Four Militants

Tunisian security forces have killed at least four Islamist militants, following clashes, near the country’s border with Algeria.

Tunisian security forces killed four Islamist militants in clashes near the border with Algeria late on Monday, officials said.

Jihadists have launched a string of attacks on military checkpoints and patrols, and Islamic State last year claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Tunis, and gun attacks targeting foreign tourists at a museum in the capital and a beach hotel in the resort town of Sousse.

“Special forces units killed four terrorists in Ain Jafal region between Sbeitla and Jelma in clashes,” the interior ministry said in a statement without giving more details.

Tunisia has been held up as a model for democratic transition since the 2011 uprising against Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali. But the attacks have battered its economy, particularly its tourist industry.

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