Government Troops Killed In Yemen Ambush

At least 15 soldiers, loyal to the Yemeni government, have been killed, after reportedly being ambushed, in southern Yemen.

At least 15 soldiers loyal to Yemen’s government have been killed, officials in the south of the country say.

The soldiers were detained while travelling from the southern port of Aden to al-Mahra province in eastern Yemen via Ahwar, a city in Abyan province under al-Qaeda control.

Ansar al-Sharia, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, later issued a statement denying responsibility for the attack and blamed a local armed fighter named Ali Aqeel.

They said 17 other captive soldiers were wounded in the incident and some managed to escape and get help from local tribal leaders.

Al-Qaeda has seized more territory in Yemen in the past year as the country’s war continues.

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